Indoor Meetings about Birds and Wildlife

Adventures of The Biking Green Birder
by Gary Prescott

Date: Thursday 17 January 2019 at 19:30



Gary Prescott, The Biking Birder, will be talking about Green Birding, the growing way in which birders are being more environmentally friendly when birding. You will meet the characters from around the World who participate in Green Birding and find out why they do what they do.

Bluethroat Long-eared owl
Bluethroat Long-eared owl


 Gary will also be talking about his Biking Birder adventures, telling stories from his three years on the road as he cycled around the UK visiting every RSPB and Wildfowl & Wetland Trust nature reserve – twice! The first person ever to do this, Gary also has some Green Birding records to discuss, as well as tales from his Biking Birder adventure in Peru last year.

Siberian stonechat Fox cub
Siberian stonechat Fox cub



Chris Boardman, Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny, Chris Froome, Laura Trott, Bradley Wiggins …. in 2016 Gary Prescott attempted to add his name to this long line of illustrious British cycling champions.  At 60 years old, asthmatic and (by his own admission) slightly over-weight, Gary – often simply referred to as the Biking Birder – cut a slightly surprising figure as a potential cycling record holder but what he may have lacked in physical prowess he more than compensated for in sheer will and determination and in 2016 he reached for the stars in attempting to set a new European Green Birding record for the most species recorded in one calendar year.

Gary with bikeGary, a retired special needs teacher from Worcestershire, had always been a keen birder, cyclist and promoter of environmental causes so the world of Green Birding, not incurring a carbon footprint in the pursuit of the birds – a growing movement particularly in North America – came naturally to him.  2016 was the culmination of six years of preparation as Gary attempted to set a European Green Birding record, trying to surpass the 304 species seen by Ponc Fileu Latorre of Catalonia in 2014.

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