Meetings about Birds and Wildlife

Endemic birds in the Gulf of Guinea
Andy Warren

Date: Thursday 21 January 2021 at 19:30


This talk will no longer take place at the Methodist church hall.

21/8/2020 Following guidance from the RSPB, our talks cannot take place indoors.

This talk will be held for group members only, via Zoom. We will email members with details of how to access this Zoom talk a few days before it occurs.


Sᾶo Tomé Green Pigeon in a tree Sᾶo Tomé Thrush on a branch
Sᾶo Tomé Green Pigeon Sᾶo Tomé Thrush



Andy’s talk is about the endemic wildlife, mainly birds, of the two islands Sᾶo Tomé and Principé which lie in the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of Gabon.


Sᾶo Tomé Weaver in a tree Golden-backed Bishop on a branch
Sᾶo Tomé Weaver Golden-backed Bishop


The Portuguese-based islands are known as the African Galapagos due to the large number of endemic species and sub-species – at least 35-40 birds alone, as well as other flora and fauna.  Andy’s talk will include pictures of most of these species, set against the luxuriant tropical vegetation and dramatic landscapes.  His latest visit included a boat trip to some small offshore islands - the Seven Stones – home to a large seabird colony of noddies, boobies, terns and tropicbirds.


Scops Owl in a bush 'Big Dog' volcanic extrusion
Scops Owl 'Big Dog' volcanic extrusion


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Andy has been birding for over 47 years and has seen almost a third of the world’s birds in 55 countries.  He started his working life way back in 1982 as an RSPB warden at Titchwell in North Norfolk, and today is an Ecological Consultant running his own business – Cotswold Wildlife Surveys.