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Lesvos - Jewel in the Aegean
Neil Gartshore

Date: Thursday 18 February 2021 at 19:30

Saltpan hide, birders and the Kalloni SaltpansThe Kalloni Saltpans are one of the main attractions on the island. They attract a good variety of waders, terns, herons, egrets and wildfowl, as well as many small birds.


The Greek island of Lesvos has been on the birding map now for many years and has a reputation for seeing species that are scarce in Europe and for its spring bird migration. There is a narrow window of opportunity in late April/early May to experience, at times, large falls of birds. The talk visits a number of sites around the island to look at the variety of birds that may be expected: from the island specialities – to the likely migrants – to the unexpected. No two birding years on Lesvos are ever the same! Neil has led a number of spring tours to the island since 2010 – the talk is drawn from the experience of these visits.

Wood warbler on a plant A group of waders wading
Wood warbler Waders



Neil started working in nature conservation in 1983 when he spent three seasons on the Farne Islands. Two years in South Africa/the Sub-Antarctic and contracts for the RSPB on Coquet Island, Mawddach Valley (Wales) and Minsmere were followed by a move to Dorset in 1991 to work on the RSPB’s Arne Reserve.

After 17 years at Arne he decided it was time to move on and went freelance to follow other interests. He now runs Calluna Books (buying / selling second hand natural history books), takes people out bird/wildlife watching in Dorset and further afield, and continues to work as a freelance bird surveyor. He is author of The Best Birdwatching Sites in Dorset and in 2015 took over The Birdwatcher’s Yearbook which he now edits and publishes.

Kruper's nuthatch in a dead tree Scops owl in a tree
Kruper's nuthatch Scops owl



Citrine wagtail on a salt panCitrine wagtail, an annual ‘rarity’

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