Meetings about Birds and Wildlife

Raptors of the UK
Mary Braddock

Date: Thursday 18 March 2021 at 19:30


Common Buzzard soaring Sparrowhawk in a pool of water
Common Buzzard Sparrowhawk



A talk illustrated with pictures of the different raptors that are resident or migrate to the UK.  Included are details of habitat and prey and some of the other wildlife found where they exist.  The talk explores their fight to survive and some of the issues surrounding these amazing hunters.

Kestrel soaring Red Kite soaring
Kestrel Red Kite


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Mary has been a volunteer with the RSPB for many years, being a Local Group Leader to start with. She is now a volunteer in practical conservation at Farnham and Hazeley RSPB Reserves, helping to create and maintain heathlands in Surrey and Hampshire.  Mary is also keen to help the environment by gardening without pesticides or insecticides and encouraging wildlife into her garden.

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