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Padworth Common 2016
Friday EVENING walk

Date: Friday 17 June 2016 at 20:00


Nine brave souls met up in the Silver Lane lay-by and were treated to good views of Nuthatches and Chiffchaffs. The birds sang noisily in the trees overhead whilst we donned boots and applied Eau De Mozzy! We set off down the track which resembled a series of swimming pools, the result of an earlier deluge. With the late evening sun filtering through the trees, our thoughts turned to the possibility of seeing and hearing the evocative sounds of churring Nightjars.

Apart from a couple of Coal Tits, elusive Goldcrests and Robins, and a lone Song Thrush at the very top of a tree belting out its repetitive call, nothing much else was seen as we trudged along muddy paths as far as the pond. However, a Little Grebe was spotted in the gathering gloom over the far side, plus two Mallards and a Moorhen.

Further along, looking upwards to the darkening skies, small bats could be seen flitting amongst the branches – Pipistrelles? Half the group stopped at the junction and were lucky enough to see a Woodcock roding. The other group continued down the track to the ‘usual’ haunt – a pair of tall conifer trees with protruding lower branches – perfect for posing Nightjars. On the appointed time – 21.45 to be precise – the churring began, heard by most of us, quite clearly!! Several birds were seen flying around; their white flashes very evident and they could be seen in the scope perched on the branches. Although we saw Nightjars flying, we have had better views on other years, perhaps because there was very little moth movement this time (the evening was dry but there had been a considerable amount of rain in previous days).

Eventually it was decided to call it a night as the light finally faded and dark clouds overhead threatened rain. Nine satisfied birders, content with having seen the target birds, dispersed homewards.

We saw 16 different species in total, which is about normal for that area and time of day.

Padworth Common, 17/6/2016


Little Grebe



Wood Pigeon


Jay (Heard)

Carrion Crow

Goldcrest (Heard)

Coal Tit

Chiffchaff (Heard)




Song Thrush

Robin (Heard)

12 Bird Species seen plus 4 heard

Deer (Fallow?)


Bats (small)


9 People