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Social Evening 2016
with entertainment and buffet

Date: Thursday 8 December 2016 at 19:15


Twenty-nine people attended our annual social evening.  The final number came as a bit of a surprise as we only had eighteen places booked with eight days to go!  The large number of late bookings was a challenge to the caterers but in the end a very pleasant and nutritious evening seemed to be enjoyed by all.

A big thank you to Gerry Studd who kindly provided the entertainment with his combination of difficult, entertaining and easy bird oriented quiz questions.  Well done Gerry!!

Sheila Cottam arranged the excellent buffet and members of the committee provided great help with setting it out and clearing up afterwards.  “Doggy bags” were efficient in removing any leftovers!

Thank you to all the people who gave raffle prizes, a total of fifteen prizes were available. With some stage management no one took more than one prize, so each table seemed to get its fair share of prizes.  The raffle raised £50 for group funds, which was good news.

We wish our website visitors a Merry Xmas and a very Happy New Year.

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Venue: High Street Methodist Church hall, King Street, Maidenhead, SL6 1EA. See 'Talks' page for venue details.

People in a church hall


7.00pm onwards. Time to look around, pick a seat and buy your raffle tickets. Perhaps try the informal paper bird quiz or have a chat.

7.40pm. The evening's programme begins with a welcome and introduction, followed by the paper quiz answers. No embarrassment, your score remains confidential.

Followed by Gerry Studd's lighthearted illustrated quiz.

Buffet on a tableBreak for a light buffet. Probably involving quiche, sausages on sticks, miniature pies, cheeses, biscuits, and bread. But certainly involving mince pies.

Finish with coffee or tea, and the big raffle.

You must buy your tickets for this event in advance (£4.50 each) at indoor meetings or contact Sheila Cottam (01628 620473).

Donations of raffle prizes greatly appreciated.