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A Piece of Peru
by Barry Oxley

Date: Thursday 16 February 2017 at 19:30


Fifty-two people attended the meeting and were thoroughly entertained by Barry Oxley who gave a presentation entitled “A piece of Peru”. It was based upon a two week nature trek in the southern part of this large and very diverse country.

Mammals we were shown included long-nosed bat, jaguar, giant otter, tapir, capuchin monkey, viscacha (like large rabbit), Peruvian sea lion and, of course, llama.  There was a variety of large and colourful butterflies, mostly as yet unnamed.  The bird count was high, especially flycatchers.  There are 420 species of new world flycatchers and many of them live in Peru.

Tanager, nightjar, potoo, coot, hummingbird, rail, gull, tern, caracara, vulture, falcon, heron, cormorant, penguin and various waders all featured but the star bird spots were Inca tern, sun bittern and cock-of-the-rock.

In addition to wildlife there was a variety of flowering plants, many of them familiar to us in the UK.

The presentation included a visit to Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines.  The precision of the buildings in the ancient Inca civilisation is truly extraordinary and there is much speculation about how such people could visualise the many figures drawn on the vast flat plateaus in the Nazca desert.

A very interesting and entertaining evening was enhanced by Barry’s talent for storytelling!

Peter Gaines reported on What's About in our area:

  • Dorney Wetlands - Cetti's warbler
  • Dinton Pastures – Brent goose, oystercatcher, feffuginous duck
  • Bracknell (Bennings Close) – Waxwings
  • Berkshire Downs (Cow Down) – 3 short-eared owls
  • Widbrook – Little Egret

For information:

Mike Huddy (Group Leader) and his wife Sue (Group Secretary) have resigned their positions with immediate effect due to health issues. Ken Cottam announced that he and his wife Sheila would take over these two positions in an interim capacity until the AGM in April this year.

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Machu PicchuMachu Picchu


Perhaps one of the most bio-diverse countries on our planet, Barry takes us to the southern half of the country to find the birds and wildlife.  In addition we discover the rich culture of this vast country as we visit Macchu Pichu and the Nasca Lines.

Hoatzin bird perched in a tree Brown Capuchin monkey in a tree
Hoatzin              Brown Capuchin monkey



Since retiring from his family business in horticulture Barry has travelled extensively in pursuit of his passion for birds, wildlife and the natural world.

An active supporter and volunteer of the RSPB and committed to nature conservation, Barry donates all fees to further rthe RSPB’s work on Otmoor and other chosen conservation projects.

He is the local RSPB representative, leads nature tour groups, is a wildlife photographer and has a keen interest in gardening and wild plants.

 Peruvian Pelicans on the waterPeruvian Pelicans

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