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Group Closure Announcement

Date: Sunday 10 January 2021 at 19:30


24 April 2021

The group has held its last event.

The group officially closes 30th April 2021. The committee will continue to function for a while to ensure a smooth close-down.

Our Facebook page will close early May.

Our accounts will be finalised, audited and our financial return submitted to the RSPB.

All the group's monies will go to the RSPB, as will any physical assets that the RSPB want.

All records of local group members’ names and addresses, paper and electronic, held by committee members will be destroyed, to comply with the Data Protection Act.

The email address will close. 


2 Feb 2021

Due to a combination of Covid-19 and the group's closure, All outdoor meetings are  cancelled.

The group's closing date has been agreed with the RSPB. The group closes 30th April 2021.

Our planned talks after that date will not be held.

We do intend to hold the Zoom talks in February, March and April, concluding with "Ecology in an Urban Environment" by Prof. Mark Fellowes on Thursday 15 April 2021 at 19:30

This website should remain accessible and updated until 16th July. Our Facebook page will probably also close around this date.

Remember to cancel your group membership standing order. If you do not, the money may still be taken and we will not be able to refund it.

Please consider joining another local group. Our links page has links to the closest RSPB Local groups and to nearby bird, wildlife and conservation groups.


10 Jan 2021

The following information has been sent to all current group members


Despite numerous appeals over the past two years to our members and the wider public through emails, letters, adverts in local papers, adverts on the RSPB website and other means, not one person has come forward to take up a committee role.

Therefore, at the Committee meeting on January 4th 2021, all seven members made the decision that the Group should be closed down. Five of these members had already indicated that they would be standing down, having already served for a number of years. The fact that none of the present committee is getting any younger is another factor.


  • We will have further talks with Hugo Blomfield, our contact person with the RSPB, to agree the detailed actions of the closure.
  • A date for the final closure will be set and announced. It will probably be in April.
  • The Committee will ensure that all legal requirements are met concerning Finances, Financial records, Members’ details held on file and paper, Minutes of meetings and AGMs etc are securely passed on/destroyed according to RSPB protocol.
  • Equipment held by the Group will be returned to the RSPB.
  • The January, February and March Zoom talks will go ahead as planned but you will be notified about the April talk.


If you have a Standing Order to pay your subscription, then please make arrangements with your bank to cancel this as soon as possible. Please ensure that only your subscription to “RSPB East Berks Local Group” is cancelled and not any others to the RSPB.

This closure is a sad day for our Group which has been in existence for 46 years. I should personally like to thank all those who have served on the committee over the years, those who have helped in the kitchen serving teas, washing and wiping up, those who helped out at Garden Centres with displays, rattling tins, selling pin badges etc, the members themselves for their friendship and most of all, the memories we will all treasure of happy times – the talks, the socials, the quizzes, the buffets, the day trips, the weekend trips, the special moments of seeing a bird for the first time plus many other moments too numerous to mention.

Sandy Studd – Secretary.

Any further updates will be sent to you as they happen.

On behalf of the East Berks Local Group Committee :-

Ken & Sheila Cottam; Jane Overall; Helen & David Pearson; Steve Williams: Sandy Studd.