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FREE book for first time visitors!

On your first visit to one of our indoor meetings, please ask for your FREE copy of RSPB What’s that bird?

Book Cover

It is the perfect pocket guide for beginners. RSPB What's That Bird? is ideal if you struggle to tell a swift from a swallow.  Its simple, visual approach, without too much detail, does not overwhelm budding enthusiasts. Become a successful bird-watcher in no time with RSPB What's That Bird?

At only 15 x 10.5 x 1 cm it can also be a handy reference for the more seasoned bird-watcher. If you don't need another bird reference then this book would make a good gift for a youngster you know.

It contains illustrations of almost 200 species of bird found in the UK. It shows how to identify birds and how to feed them. With a page for each species, it gives each bird's identification features, size, habitats, distribution and when it can be seen.

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