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Wednesday 20 March 2019

Ayla with medal

Our committee member ran for the RSPB in the Reading Half Marathon.

Sunday 10 March 2019

Hawk lookong at youl

We’d like to increase our fundraising for the RSPB and are looking for someone to help us.

Monday 24 December 2018

Blue Tit on feeder

Please be careful with your seasonal left-overs.

Saturday 15 December 2018

Christmas Sparrow

Birds also need winter fuel to stay warm. Perhaps you can help.

Monday 10 December 2018

Peter with scroll

The sole remaining active volunteer from the band of people who set up our group in 1974 – 75.

Saturday 10 November 2018

Nature Reserve Sign

Lots going on around Braywick park, plus two new footbridges in our area.

Friday 10 August 2018

Pin Box with badges

Can you volunteer to look after pin badge boxes?

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