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Monday 20 January 2020

Can You Help Your Group?

Hands volunteering

We need your help at the indoor meetings.

We are looking for people to help serve refreshments, sell raffle tickets, set up the hall, wash up etc at the monthly indoor meetings. Several members of the committee are standing down at the next AGM so to make sure that our indoor meetings can continue we need to find more people to help us on the night.

Volunteering at the indoor meetings doesn't require any greater commitment than helping out on the night, although if you would like to do more you would be very welcome! If we get enough members offering to help we will create a rota so you wouldn't need to commit to helping at every meeting.

As a volunteer for the group you also become a volunteer for the RSPB, which provides some benefits, such as a discount card for their online and reserve shops, depending on how much time you volunteer over a year.

Unfortunately we haven’t had any offers from anyone to take on the roles of organising the indoor meetings or group leader from May 2020. If we don't manage to find any people to help us organise the indoor meetings or join the committee there is a chance we may have to stop running the meetings, and possibly close the group altogether. Please help us continue to offer these enjoyable evenings to the group and keep the group alive.

Please let any of the committee know if you can help at the indoor meetings or if you would like to know more about what it entails.

You can get in touch with us by attending one of our meetings, via our Facebook Page , or by emailing us.

You can email us at

Thank you,

Kate Titford

Group Leader

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"Volunteers Needed" graphic by Gerd Altmann