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Thursday 22 October 2020

The RSPB's Gamebird shooting policy has been reviewed

Red Grouse

The RSPB have announced their new policy on gamebird shooting. Also, the BOU publish a review of raptor killings on grouse moors.

The RSPB statement -

We have reviewed our policy on the most intensive forms of gamebird shooting — especially driven grouse moor management and the large-scale release of non-native gamebirds. Our new policy is:

• We will seek new laws backed up by tougher enforcement to end the illegal killing of birds of prey, to end the use of lead ammunition and to end vegetation burning on peatlands.

• We believe that all intensive gamebird shooting should be regulated to reduce the negative environmental impacts.

• Specifically, for driven grouse shooting, we propose the introduction of licenses for driven grouse shoots. We will provide an annual assessment of progress and review our position within five years. Failure to deliver effective reform will result in the RSPB calling for a ban on driven grouse shooting.

• For the release of non-native pheasants and red-legged partridges, we will work with public bodies and the shooting sector to improve the environmental standards of shooting. Ultimately, we believe that further regulation will be necessary to drive up environmental standards. We will call for this within 18 months if significant progress is not secured.

There is a new section on the RSPB website which includes lots of supporting information, including a short film and some case studies to bring to life our alternative vision for the future of our uplands.

British Ornithologists' Union

Professor Ian Newton has just written a review paper Killing of raptors on grouse moors: evidence and effects. Ian has written a summary on the BOU website. For the full paper, click here.


Red Grouse photo by Chris J Walker