News of Our Group, and Relevant News for Our Members

Thursday 15 April 2021

This website will be disappearing


There may be items on our website that You would like to keep, so copy them soon.

This website will disappear soon after the group closes, it will probably be gone by August. Please feel free to copy and save anything that you don’t want to loose or that might prove useful to you. Items such as –

The Links Page, with links covering Wildlife Rescue, Wildlife Crime, Local Bird Groups (including all nearby RSPB Local groups), Local Wildlife and Conservation Groups, Local Bird reports, National & International websites. To copy from the Links page simply highlight the interesting stuff, select copy, then paste into your word processor – the link information should be preserved.

Each year, we recorded every species seen on every outdoor meeting into a spreadsheet. These spreadsheets show where and when we went, so give an idea of what you might see there on a similar date. If you want to see a specific species the spreadsheets show where and when we saw it. You can find download links for the 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 spreadsheets at the top of the Reports page, along with a link to the Older Reports page where the sheets for 2009 to 2016 can be found. Each spreadsheet is available in Microsoft Excel .XLS format and as a static image in .PNG format – the XLS version is much more useful.

The reports of outdoor meetings contain details of the sites we visited. Useful information includes accurate locations of car parks, site sizes and facilities, even a site map sometimes. If we have visited a site more than once then the details may only be in the most recent report. If there is a site of particular interest then you can find all reports for it quickly by entering its name into the Search box at the top of any page.

Most of the In the News items will be too dated to still be useful, but there are a few that you might want to keep –

For nostalgia, how about the History of the group  Or Stories from the early days

Our website includes some photos that are copyright and our website has the copyright details near them. If you do copy anything that includes copyright photos, remember that they are still copyright, so don’t re-use them.

Once this website has gone, all may not be lost. There is a website called the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. This site periodically copies web pages from other sites. It has been making partial copies of our site since 2002. So if you realise that you failed to copy something you now want, try here –*/

Once on the wayback website, select a year e.g. 2020, then a month e.g. Oct, then a day e.g. 29, then a snapshot e.g. 13:38:05.  Each snapshot contains a few pages from our site, if the page you want isn't available then try in another snapshot. There is no guarantee of success. The Wayback machine copies very few files (such as spreadsheets) as it mainly copies web pages. Of course once our website is gone, you won't be able to come here to get the web address of the wayback machine, so you better note it down now.