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Monday 24 December 2018

Merry Christmas for wildlife?

Blue Tit on feeder

Please be careful with your seasonal left-overs.

You should never put out fats and juices from cooking turkey, beef, goose, etc., into your garden. This is because the juices can soil feathers, may be salty and can create a breeding ground for bacteria.

Do not sprinkle 'reindeer food' with glitter, sequins or similar ingredients in the garden.

It isn't just birds that can be accidentally harmed. E.g. Mince pies can be fatal for dogs, due to the sultanas and currants.

If you have received bird feeders for Christmas then have patience. It may seem that the birds are ignoring them, but it takes time to build up a clientele. Don't let the food go stale while you are waiting for customers. No success after a month or two? Try moving the feeders or changing the food offered.

Please read more tips in the updated news item, Please feed us, but carefully